Breaking Dawn Part 1, Is It Worth It?

Hello everyone. I’m going to be dedicating this blog to video game and movie reviews. I know, the title is “An Recreational Gamer’s Critique” so why am I going to reviewing movies? This blog is for anything geeky so I’ll be reviews movies, video games, music, and comics. I wanted to start out by reviewing “Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception” but sadly i’m still working on it. So i decided to review “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1.”

I’m not a big Twilight fan. I read the books, well, most of them. After reading the first three, I couldn’t stomach to read another. The only reason I read the books was because I needed something to read after the final Harry Potter book. The problem I have with Twilight is that I don’t like the main characters. Bella is very manipulative and immature and Edward is a creep that likes to watch her sleep, they are wreckless and they both make stupid decisions that brings danger in their lives. The books are poorly written and the main character developed well, they are just not likable. The supporting characters are more likable than the main characters and that is where the series shines. Now that I have said that, onto the movie.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 is probably the best in the film series so far but that’s not saying much. The film is still plagued by cheesy dialogue between the two loves that would only make teen girls say “aww” and bad acting but their are improvements in that area. Robert Pattinson actually shows emotion in this film and it’s enough that you actually believe he cares for Bella. Kristen Stewart fails to deliver in this area for most of the movie. I think the movie would be better if Anna Kendrick (Image to the right) had been given the part of Bella Swan. She is a much better actress than Kristen Stewart and I honestly feel she could add some nice depth to Bella’s character and make her interesting and likable. Anyways, the love the two characters have for each other feels genuine mainly through the wedding and part of the honeymoon but then it just kinda fades. It’s like Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson got bored with their characters. Now lets get to Taylor Lautner. I feel he is the male version of Megan Fox. He only got the part because of his looks. Well, I believed that as the film started. First scene is Taylor Lautner running out of his house and ripping off his shirt in the rain then turning into a wolf and running to the forest. Well, as the film goes on, he proves me wrong. Taylor Lautner has made a lot of improvements in this film. He actually shows emotion a doesn’t make the same stupid face he always does. It’s like he took acting lessons or something. I’m not saying his acting is great but he does a decent job in this film. Enough to make me feel sorry for Jacob’s character in the film.

The supporting cast is excellent. Ashely Greene, Jackson Rathbone, Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Raser, Billy Burke, Sarah Clarke, Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed, Anna Kenreick, Justin Chon, Michael Welch, Booboo Stewart and Julia Jones do an excellent job at making their characters funny and believable. Whether its the Cullen family, Bella’s parents,  Bella’s high school or exiled wolfs, they do an excellent job. Especially Billy Burke and Sarah Clarke as Bella’s parents. Their speeches during the wedding reception are both believable and hysterical. Booboo Stewart and Julia Jones do a good job as Seth and Leah. Booboo ( I can’t believe that is his real name) brings his childish charm to Seth’s character and helps make certain seens lighthearted. Julia brings a plot line that most people my age can relate to and it’s nice. She leaves the pack to follow Jacob because she can’t stand being Sam’s ex-girlfriend who is always around because she is a part of Sams pack. She also has this weird, wild, beastly woman beauty to her which is nice.

The special effects in Breaking Dawn is a hit or miss. The effects used to make Bella look sick during her pregnancy are excellent. They made an unattractive actress look even more unattractive and they did it well. The constant special effects used on the Cullen family to give them the pale, shiny look gets tiresome and looks unnatural at times. By the end the of the movie, I annoyed with it. The special effects used for the wolfs were just silly. Especially the scene when they all gather for their pack meeting where they all talk in wolf form. It wasn’t very well done, there isn’t much difference between the way the wolfs look (except for a few of them) so its hard to tell who is who. The fight scene at the end wasn’t well done at all. The camera was shaky and everything happened so far that I had no idea what was going on. It was like there was no choreography used to plan out the scene at all. You can’t film a fight scene with no choreography. It makes a scene look tacky.

Now onto the plot. *This part contains spoilers.* The plot isn’t very good. Their are some holes in the plot here and there (mainly because something wasn’t explained or someone knew something that is not said how they knew. Mainly Edward knowing that Jacob had imprinted on someone and how Edward knew everything about Wolf law) and it just isn’t very interesting. I’ll sum it up for you. Edward and Bella get married, they go on their honeymoon, Bella becomes pregnant, wolfs find out and are going to break the truce and kill Bella and the abomination of a child, Jacob, Leah and Seth leave the wolf pack to defend Bella, Bella goes into labor and dies giving childbirth, Edward injects his venom into Bella and nothing happens, Jacob goes to see the baby and imprints (find his soul mate) on the child (can someone say pedophilia?), wolfs attack the Cullens, Edward reveals that Jacob imprinted on his child so the wolfs can’t attack ( it’s only explained as “wolf law”) and Bella ends up surviving and becoming a vamprie herself. I just saved you two hours of your time.

Final Thoughts:

The film has a weak plot and graphics are a hit or miss. There is a huge improvement in acting with the main characters but it’s not enough. The supporting cast brings the most life to this movie and they are in it enough to make it worth watching. I wouldn’t recommend seeing this film in theaters (unless your a huge Twilight fan and they you’ll see it no matter what or you’ve already seen it multiple times) but it’s worth seeing at least once for the supporting cast.

What do you think of Breaking Dawn Part One? I would love to get all of your opinions.


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