The Dark Knight Rises vs. The Avengers

Well, I just sat down and was able to watch The Dark Knight Rises trailer and all I can say is “HOLY CRAP! THIS LOOKS AWESOME!”

I myself am not a big of DC Comics but I really do enjoy Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight series. It’s dark, gritty and leaves behind the silliness of the 1960’s Batman show (which is a great show but two of the worst Batman movies where released trying to recreate that type of slap stick humor. I’m referring to Batman Forever and Batman & Robin). Another film that will be coming out that I am excited for is Marvel’s The Avengers.

I’ve been following Marvel movies since X-Men was released in theaters and I am super excited for The Avengers. I might even dress up for it. I do have some concerns. They are not major concerns but just something I’m going to say. I am not a big fan of Samuel L Jackson. I do not like him playing Nick Fury even though he plays the part really well. I also think think Edward Norton should continue to play Bruce Banner. That’s pretty much it. It’s mainly the choices with the casting. I also think The Avengers might suffer from too much hype. Every Marvel film has been building up to this film and I fear it might not be what I expect it to be but I am hopeful especially since Joss Whedon is directing it.

Well, the reason for this post is I want to see what everyone is more excited for, The Dark Knight Rises or The Avengers?


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